Lemon OG kush

Lemon OG Strain

How strong is lemon OG?

Lemon OG, also known as Presidential Kush or Lemon OG Kush, is a hybrid cannabis strain, 60/40 indica. The strain has some distant Kush relatives so it can smell like skunk or have diesel fuel undertones. The THC level ranges between 17 and 24 percent with a negligible CBD at just 0.13 percent.

What does lemon og taste like?

Lemon OG has a citrus flavor, but it also holds onto the skunky aroma that came from its parent strains. Lemon OG strain is indica dominant, moderately high in THC (19%), and has the terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene.

Does lemon Kush get you high?

The high from Lemon Kush can creep up slowly, taking as long as 5 to 10 minutes before its effects are fully appreciated. An enhanced sense of cerebral focus is characteristic of this high.

Is lemon OG Haze good for anxiety?

As its name suggests, Lemon OG Haze contains citrusy, refreshing notes — bringing along with them increased mental focus, euphoria, and potential anti-anxiety properties.

What is lemon OG good for?

Lemon OG is powerful and a great stress relief aid. Uplifted feelings are attributed to this deliciously sweet tasting strain. This is a great choice to help alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia. There are few negatives other than some may experience dry mouth and dry eyes.

What is the strongest lemon strain?

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Super Lemon Haze is highly potent lemon marijuana that packs up to 25% THC. It is an award winner that came first in the 2008 and 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup. Super Lemon Haze comes at the top of this list of lemon strains because of its sweet and tart, lemony tastes and aromas.

Is lemon Kush good for pain?

The strain is also known for its sweet flavors of lemon and citrus. The high of Lemon Kush strain increases cerebral activity and creativity and can induce couch-lock in high doses. It is both uplifting and numbing at the same time. That mixed effects make this strain a reliable stress and pain reliever.

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