Afghan Jelly hash

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Afghani is a heavy indica strain named after its geographic origin, where the earliest varieties of cannabis are believed to have grown. Breeders worldwide have come to treasure Afghani for its heavy resin production which is passed on genetically. With a sweet, earthy aroma, Afghani delivers a deep, sedating relaxation and euphoria. Patients most commonly turn to this potent indica to treat insomnia, pain, and stress disorders.

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Afghan Royal Jelly Hash is created from a genus of marijuana plant known as Indica. Using water or tea, the flowers are pressed by hand until they become very elastic and begin emitting an extremely potent smell.


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4 reviews for Afghan Jelly hash

  1. Brian

    Excellent hash. Fluffs up nicely with a bit of heat. Potent… definitely AAAA. Nothing better than a good hash body buzz that kills pain instantly. Nice taste!😋

  2. Ericsson

    I was skeptical at first, as most hash that boasts afghani falls flat. This is pure quality. It was worth every penny. Great quality!

  3. Smith

    It’s about time I gave a review. I’ve purchased this excellent hash three times now. My props to the Chef!!! You deserve 5 stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Leslie

    Top quality hash for a great price. 😋

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