AK 48 autoflowering feminized seeds


Check out our AK 48 autoflowering feminized seeds. The AK 48 autoflower is a bestseller based on quality rather than on a hype. A strong and reliable strain that can  develop well under different conditions and deliver high productions within 9-10 weeks. This automatic hybrid has been on the rise since 1990 and has the Colombian, Mexican, Thai Skunk and Afghani as ancestors. This ensures very strong genetics. There are many varieties and crossings, but the autoflowers of the AK 48 are unique. The strain is capable to provide a lightning fast harvest (yields up to of 350 gram / m2), have a discrete smell during flowering, are small in size and loves to be grown outdoors as well as indoors. In addition, the buds of AK 48 autoflowers contain a very high THC content.



AK 48 autoflowering feminized seeds grows into a plant with 55% indica and 25% sativa properties and 20% is ruderalis. AK 48 has been derived from: Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani x Ruderalis. The grow difficulty of the plant is beginner, has a high mold resistance, can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and has a flowering time of 63 to 70 days. AK 48 autoflowering feminized seeds are well suited for the SOG and SCROG growing methods. Indoors, the plant will reach a height of 50 to 70 cm and yields up to 400 gram per m2. Growing outdoors, the plant height lies between 60 to 90 cm and will yield 400 to 500 gram per m2.


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