AK 48 feminized seeds


Looking for a plant with a relatively short flowering time and an average size (indoors 50 cm to 70 cm and outdoors 125 cm to 300 cm) that offers the perfect mix between an Indica and Sativa? Check out out AK 48 feminized seeds. This plant is popular among almost every weed enthusiast and home grower. The plant can be cultivated relatively easily and both indoors and outdoors. The number “48” in the name AK 48 did not just fall from the sky, the name is sourced from the fact that it can take just 48 days for this plant to bloom.

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AK-48 is an extremely durable feminised hybrid that produces large yields of frosty buds. Also, it has a well balanced effect and super quick flowering time. Rich in THC and a great candidate for outdoors in rough climates facing challenging weather. AK-48 is the perfect strain for beginner growers.


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