Big Amnesia autoflowering feminized seeds


The Big Amnesia autoflowering feminized seeds are most likely what you are looking for. Big Amnesia is a strain that is capable to grow to produce XXL buds without having to adjust the light scheme. Therefore it’s not without reason that these seeds are often bought by newcomers. The flowering period with this plant starts about halfway through the third week and yields can reach up to 150 grams of weed per plant within 12 weeks (about 75 days). This finally ended the era that autoflowers were still small mini-plants and yielded little production. In short: Big Amnesia stands for great returns and little effort. What do you want more?



Original Amnesia Autoflowering is the progeny of the crossing of Original Amnesia and Haze Auto. The breeding objective was to create a large fully automatic version of the Dutch Coffee shop legend without stripping her of her signature attributes.

This sativa-dominant autoflowering strain will remind you of the original with her tropical aroma and flavor. However, the instantaneous euphoric uplifting effects have been somewhat tempered by ruderalis genetics. THC levels are medium at 9-13% so she is really not the same calibre as the original Ammo.


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