CAT3 Distillate (Licensed)


CAT 3 Distillate, a beautiful, bright gold distillate made in Coachella, California using a Type 7 butane extraction. 20 liters ready to sell right now. Tests clean at 90%+ Delta 9 THC and up to 99% cannabinoids. No smell, perfect for carts or edibles. Very stable in consistency. Located in Coachella, California. On-going contracts are available. If you have material you need run, we do split contracts also.



Cat 3 Distillate

Cat 3 Distillate  is a runny, translucent oil with out the waxes or unwanted compounds from the unique plant.

Cat3 Distillate Liters is suited because of its efficiency and versatility. It may be used to dab, vaporize, and blend in as an aspect in edibles, topicals, and different merchandise.

Distillate concentrates are performed thru an intensive distillation technique that separates compounds from hashish plant matter.

Distillate is a hashish extract wherein the very last product has been systematically stripped of all substances and compounds besides one particular cannabinoid.

Cat 3 Distillate Liters is the bottom aspect of maximum edibles and vape cartridges and generally lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma.

It’s a amazing hashish oil that may be used on its very own or infused in different hashish merchandise or goods. The maximum not unusualplace sorts of distillate available in the marketplace are THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

The call of the oil shows the maximum distinguished cannabinoid. In the case of CBD oil, CBD will be the maximum distinguished cannabinoid.

The call distillate refers back to the hashish purification technique that gets rid of and separates the cannabinoids, together with THC or CBD, into specific merchandise.

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