THC Live Diamonds- Superior Extract

Superior THC Live Diamonds
Often referred to as ‘the world’s strongest dabs’ – Superior THC Live Diamonds are the newest extract gaining some serious traction within the cannabis community, as being the most potent concentrate on the market. This crystallized extract is comprised of more than 99% pure THC-A – which won’t get you high if it is ingested, but requires decarboxylation (combustion) to convert the THC-A to the psychoactive THC.

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Superior THC Live Diamonds are formed from live resin – which aids in terpene retention – that allows for a more flavourful concentrate!
The live resin, while still in a viscous state, is sealed in a pressurized container and left at room temperature. As time passes within this mixture, THCA crystal begin to form and fall to the bottom of the jar. The residual terpenes found in the live resin rise to form a viscous layer on top. The result: a concentrate comprised of 97-99% THC, with the added flavour and medicinal benefit of strain specific terpenes.

Currently Available in Strains:
Love Potion

Lemon Kush
Pina Colada
Pineapple Haze
Purple Punch
Watermelon Haze


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