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Truffle, also called Trufflez or Truffles, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Zkittlez x Cherry Noir. The effects of Truffle are believed to be relaxing. Reviewers on Leafly say this weed strain makes them feel sleepy, relaxed, and happy. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, and Truffle has a tangy, coffee nose with sugary and ammonia notes. Truffle has 20% THC. Medical marijuana patients say Truffle helps with stress, hypertension, and depression. The original breeder of Truffle is Aficionado.



Truffles weed strain, made by crossing Gelato and chocolate kush strains the result is Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica, 30% Sativa). Truffles strain produces a nice relaxing high with deep body high and slightly sedating effects. It has a sweet aroma and flavor of caramel, coffee, sweet fruits, and fresh nuts. Hybrid Indica lovers tend to buy truffle weed strain to get relaxed on weekends. Smoke Cantina Shop supplies top-notch buds of truffles weed strain at your doorsteps.

Indica dominant hybrid strains such as truffle weed are best to relax mind and body after a long day to spend lazy time. Most consumers tend to smoke on weekends when they do not have any important work to do after smoking it. Truffles strain remains the top choice of hybrid Indica lovers due to its pleasant aroma, flavor, and long-lasting effects.

Effects of Truffles Weed Strain | Experinceing Indica Dominant Hybrid Weed

Truffles weed strain produces quick and long-lasting effects on consumers, they start to feel right after a couple of tokes. Initial effects are short-term uplifting head high due to Sativa’s properties. Truffle weed strain will feel energized, focused, and motivated. All worries, depression, tensions, and anxieties fade away.

This head-high slowly converts into complete mind and body high, making you relax from head to toe. You will also feel sedated and couch-locked within 10 minutes. Beginners should be careful with the dosage, as Truffles weed strain has the ability to sedate you in minutes.

You will also feel hungry and dryness in your throat, so keep something to eat and drink by your side. It is also useful for those who are looking to increase their appetite. It is also great to smoke before bed.

With these effects and its high 20% average THC levels, Truffles is said to be the perfect strain for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches or migraines.

Properties of Truffles Weed Strain


The Truffles Weed Strain has an aroma of sweet fruits, caramel, coffee, and nutts. Overall its fragrance spreads in the room like cutting fruits and white baking chocolate cake in the kitchen.


The Truffles Weed Strain has a sweet fruity flavor with notes of caramel, coffee, and nutts. Its sweet taste keeps consumers guessing all the time.


The Truffles Weed Strain strain weed has dark olive green dense buds in a round shape with minor purple spots. The buds are covered in a crystal white amber layer of trichomes. Its nugs have tiny orange hairs all around them.

Specifications of Truffles Weed Strain

ORIGIN Gelato and chocolate kush
EFFECTS Body High, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Paranoid, Anxious
FRAGRANCE Caramel, Coffee, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet
FLAVORS Caramel, Coffee, Fruity, Nutty, Sweet
MEDICAL Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Stress
PLANT HEIGHT Up to 6 feet
CBD % 1%
Indica/ Sativa% 70%.30%
INDOOR YIELD 15 to 19 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 23 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Mediterranean climate
GROWTH LEVEL Easy to grow

Truffles Strain Weed Guarantee

All marijuana strains including the Truffles Weed Strain weed for sale come with a complete purchasing guarantee of their quality. Moreover, you can buy marijuana products with complete confidence from our marijuana shop.

Truffles Weed Strain price:

The average price of Truffles Weed Strain is between $130 – $150 on the cannabis market. As it has popularity among hybrid Indica dominant weed lovers, it also has a huge demand. You can contact us for more information on this strain and buy affordable weed online.

Medical Benefits

Truffles weed is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and headaches or migraines.

Truffles Strain Customer Review

“This weed strain is absolutely amazing. I’ve never tasted anything like it before. It’s like a cross between chocolate and coffee, and it’s super potent. I smoked it in a bowl and it totally knocked me out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a new, unique experience. The Smoke Cantina delivered fresh buds as always.”

Other Types of Truffles Weed Strain

  • Black Truffles Strain
  • White Truffles Strain
  • London Truffles Strain
  • Truffles Cake Strain
  • Blue Truffles Strain
  • Chocolate Truffles Strain
  • Purple Truffle Strain
  • Truffles Pie Strain
  • Pink Truffle Weed
  • Oreo Truffle
  • Tropic Truffle Weed
  • Truffle Runtz Weed
  • Peanut Butter Truffle Strain
  • Truffle Cookies Strain
  • Monkey Truffle Strain
  • Truffle Scotti Weed
  • White Cherry Truffle Weed

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