Veladas Mushroom Bars


Velada is a religious ritual that involves the use of Psilocybe mushrooms. Find the finest quality Veladas magic mushroom psilocybin chocolate bars. Elevate your taste buds with our couverture chocolates. Free your spirit, unlock your mind!



How Does Magic Mushroom Chocolate Work?

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic drugs, meaning they make users see, hear, and feel sensations that seem real but aren’t. Mushroom chocolate effects are variable, however, and are often influenced by environmental factors. Magic shrooms have a long history of association with spiritual experiences, awakenings, and self-discovery. Many believe that natural drugs like mushrooms, marijuana, and mescaline are sacred herbs that allow people to attain superior spiritual states and awakenings. Others take these drugs for the sense of euphoria and distorted perception they produce.

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