Sherblato weed strain

Sherblato Strain

What is the meaning of Sherblato?

Sherblato is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sherbert and Gelato. Sherblato is quickly becoming a favorite strain on the West Coast. With Pink Panties, GSC, and Sunset Sherbert in its lineage, this strain doesn’t mess around. Sherblato offers a tart citrus profile that’s backed by notes of gas.

Is Sherblato exotic?

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This strain is a cross between of Sherbert and Gelato: Sherbert, an heir to the Cookies family and a indica leaning hybrid; Gelato (also referred to as Larry Bird) is a hybrid strain also from the Cookie Family Genetics.

How long does sherblato take to grow?

Sherblato takes around 7-9 weeks during the flowering stage. The large range has to do with the growing environment and how mature the grower would like the trichomes to be.

What does Sherblato do?

As a plant medicine, Sherblato strain is often used to alleviate headaches, migraines, stress, low mood, anxiety, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.

Is Sherblato indica or sativa?

About Sherblato Weed Strain

sativa-dominant bud, Sherblato weed tends to bring users a nice mixture of effects with amazing flavors. Consistency is always appreciated when it comes to cannabis, and Sherblato hits the nail on the head with a 21% to 22% THC potency range.

What does Sherblato taste like?

Sherblato is one of the most flavorful strains currently on the shelves. It will treat you with hints of fuel, nutty, citrusy, and fruity tastes. Many users have reported a candy-like scent from this strain, but its aroma can be more complex. The inhale and exhales are earthy, fruity, sour, sweet, and tropical.

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